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Club hotel OSKOL bought bicycles for the real drive – Avanti Dynamite and Avanti Galant. Both models are already available at the rental office.

Avanti Dynamite is a mountain bike model with a simple shock absorber, powerful disc brakes and a Shimano transmission. Bicycle for quiet trips on moderate impassability. Light frame is made of strong aluminum pipes. The shock absorber quenches small vibrations, improving the handling of the bicycle and reducing hand fatigue. Strong wheels with aggressive tires are ideal for primers and poor asphalt. Bicycle brakes are installed disc, which provides reliable and effective braking in all weather conditions. Transmission Shimano 3×7 allows you to easily pick up the necessary load and feel equally comfortable on the ascents and descents.

Avanti Galant – mountain bike nannier with shock absorber, disc brakes and Shimano transmission. The model of the niner, assembled on the basis of a light aluminum frame. A simple shock-absorbing fork extinguishes small irregularities, making it much more manageable on impassability. Wheels perfectly keep speed and smoothly overcome low obstacles, and wide tires keep reliable adhesion to any surfaces. Disc brakes provide fast and safe braking, while maintaining excellent efficiency on wet and dirty roads. Transmission Shimano allows you to quickly pick up a comfortable transmission.



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