Attentively study these rules of booking in  Club Hotel OSKOL, prior to execution of the application of booking.

  1. Room reservation order in Hotel.
  • Booking rooms in the Club-Hotel OSKOL is carried out by filling out of the application on the website, via e-mail – or by phone numbers +38 (050) 367 49 80, +38 (067) 328 56 20.
  • The booking application should contain the following information: the name and surname of the Guest, the date and time of arrival and departure of the Guest, the number of rooms needed, the number of adults, the number of children, their age; email, phone. In case of not providing information by the Guest the Hotel reserves the right to refuse to the guest (group of guests) confirmation of the application for booking;
  • The hotel within 24 (twenty four) hours from the moment of receiving the application for booking confirms to the Guest a reservation, or refuses the application. In case of confirmation of the reservation application, the Hotel will send the Guest a confirmation message. In the absence of rooms on the dates of interest to the Guest, the Hotel shall send a message on the refusal of the booking confirmation. These messages are sent to the guest via e-mail;
  • The hotel confirms to the Guest an application for a preliminary reservation only subject to the availability of rooms of the requested category in the Hotel;
  • From the moment the Hotel confirms the booking request and its directions to the Guest, the room is considered to be pre-booked;
  • To guarantee booking, it is necessary to make an advance payment within three days in the amount of the first day of stay.
  1. The guaranteed booking.
  • Booking is considered Guaranteed, in case of introduction by the Guest of prepayment for services of Hotel, according to the invoice;
  • For the guaranteed booking, an advance payment within three days after booking is made of the cost of one night of accommodation with the subsequent payment at arrival of the remained sum for the entire period of accommodation.
  • The guaranteed reservation of a room, confirmed by the Hotel, is retained by the Guest until 12:00 pm, following the Guest’s arrival day;
  • Any other cases of booking by the Guest of services of Hotel it is considered unwarranted.
  1. Reservation annulment conditions.
  • Annulment of the confirmed application is reduction of number of Guests, full or partial refusal of the services specified in the application;
  • The application for reservation can be cancelled by the Guest only in writing by e-mail;
  • Irrespective of the scheme of calculation the Guest has the right to cancel the application for reservation not later than 7 days before date of arrival. To the guest the down payment of 100% of the sum which is carried out earlier returns.
  • In case of reservation annulment 7 days before date of arrival or in case of not arrival of the Guest are later, the penalty at a rate of a 100 percentage down payment which is carried out earlier is raised.

Visiting, looking through or using our website and/or making booking, you recognize that you read, understood and agreed with conditions. Making booking, you accept and agree with the order of cancellation of the order, rules existing in a case of not arrival and with all additional conditions and rules of Hotel which can be applied to your booking or during accommodation.