Rules of arrival/departure

— Standard time of arrival 14.00, time of departure 12.00. The reception works round the clock
— Earlier arrival / a late check-out is possible only according to the preliminary arrangement with managers in the presence of vacant rooms.
— In cases of early arrival additional payment is raised: arrival from 8:00 till 14:00 – a payment for a half of days; arrival till 8:00 – a payment per day.
— In cases of a late check-out additional payment is raised: departure till 18:00 – a payment for a half of days; departure after 18:00 – a payment per day.
— Early settling is made without surcharge only in the presence of the free and earlier prepared numbers to the discretion of reservation department.

Rules of accommodation

– The minimum term of accommodation 1 days (during a high season of 2-3 days), there is no hourly payment of numbers.
– Strangers, at the request of guests, and with the consent of the administrator can be in number from 8-00 till 23-00, on condition of presentation of an identification paper.
– A dining isn’t included in cost.
– Placement with small animals to 3 kg is possible.
– Smoking in numbers is forbidden.
– Placement isn’t provided to minor citizens without parents.
– Living have to make thrifty use of property and the equipment, to follow rules of safety/accommodation, to close cranes/window, to switch off lighting fixtures, the TV, leaving to lock the room, to observe silence and an order.
– For the purpose of providing an order and safety of guests, it is forbidden: to leave strangers in number in the absence; to transfer to strangers keys; to rearrange, take out furniture, bedding from number; to be in a state of intoxication; to use heating devices if they aren’t provided
– The lodger undertakes to indemnify loss in case of loss or damage of property of hotel, according to the existing price list, and also to bear responsibility for other violations.
– The lodger takes into consideration and doesn’t object to use fact in public rooms / on video surveillance staircases. In numbers and bathrooms the cameras aren’t mounted.
– The hotel doesn’t bear responsibility, so, doesn’t indemnify the loss connected with work of municipal services on ensuring heat and water supply, and also with the repair work which is carried out in close proximity to hotels
– The hotel doesn’t bear responsibility for safety of the documents, money, valuable things, jewelry left in number and not checked on a reception.