Bicycle rental

Driving by bicycle brings to our organism huge benefit. During bicycle walk muscles of legs become stronger and their endurance increases, activity of cardiovascular and respiratory systems improves. Making long bicycle trips in the fresh air, we force our lungs to work at full capacity. At the same


Fishing in the reservoir Krasnoskolskom is completely free for our customers.
It is home for catfish, pike, walleye, perch, bream, carp, tench, crucian carp, roach, and of course crayfish.

Volleyball Court

For active sports enthusiasts a volleyball court is equipped. Grab the ball and forward to victory!


Present the pleasant moments to your child and minute of rest yourself. In the territory of hotel the game complex “Summer”, a trampoline, a sandbox is established. For adults near the platform the recreation area with comfortable chairs and little tables is equipped.


Your children will are happy to jump much on a trampoline, having received the mass of positive emotions.

Table tennis

There is established a professional table tennis on the territory of the hotel.

Sandy beach (table with barbecue)

In the territory of hotel there is own sandy beach. On it it is pleasant to have a rest a family and to spend time with children. For fans to make brochette the little table and a brazier is provided.

Arbour on the water

Fine recreation area over a water smooth surface. Feel special comfort and a charm.


We provide contacts of farmers from the village for all guests of the Club Hotel OSKOL. Always it is possible to buy fresh meat and fish for independent preparation in the territory of hotel from them.


The calendar is seasonal

Rent a boat

Spend a great time on the water during a fast ride on a motor boat or a classic rowing.

Rent a quadbike

Driving a quadbike is an ordinary and breathtaking adventure that is available even for beginners.Explore the new mode of transport and get a lot of new experience.

Russian bath

Do you like to take a steam bath? Feel useful effect of a bath on firewood directly on the bank of a reservoir.